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Get Published: Industry Experts Share Their Secrets

by Nicolette Halladay,Bridget Aileen Sicsko,Krystal Hille,Kristina Tickler Welsome,Terri Tonkin,Larissa Soehn,K. LaFleur-Ander,Erin Lund,Ruth Fae,Meagan Caesar,Dragonfly De La Luz,James Woosley,Carolyn Choate,Kristina Conatser,Mary E. Gregory


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The landscape of the publishing industry is changing.

Gone are the days of vaunted gatekeepers dictating what content gets distributed and controlling who has access to creating that content. With the rise of new technology, social media, self-publishing platforms, and independent bookstores, there are more opportunities than ever for everyday people to share their ideas, messages, and stories with the world through books.

The types of books being published are also evolving—mini-books, interactive books, journals, audiobooks, multiauthor books, and oracle card decks are all expanding the podium and revolutionizing the ways people can express ideas and influence culture. More and more entrepreneurs are positioning themselves as thought leaders by leveraging these growing platforms.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Even with ever-expanding opportunities, only a fraction of people with publishing ambitions are able to achieve this dream. It can be daunting for budding authors to try to maneuver through writing, packaging, marketing, and publishing on their own. This book aims to simplify the process and make becoming an author attainable.

In these pages you'll find passionate, purpose-driven, and well-versed experts working in various areas of the publishing field who are all eager to guide you step-by-step through the process of making your publishing dreams reality. It’s time to turn the page on what it means to become an author. Welcome to the revolution.

What readers are saying...

"Get Published is a must-read for anyone who even has the idea of writing a book in the back of their head. It not only gives you the permission to take the step you've been yearning to make but provides a roadmap of how to do so in an efficient and effective manner. Great stories. Great advice. An essential piece to any author's locker." Matthew Turner

"I believe the unique methodology that flows within the pages of this book is sure to encourage and inspire anyone ready to give voice to their vision and love to their legacy. I say "when in doubt, write it out"! YES- "roll up your sleeves and get writing!" Mary Gooden , CEO of Divine Destiny Publishing

"The chapter, How to Choose the Ideal Editor, was very illuminating! It is a value-packed piece that offers great insight into what to look for in an editor and breaks down the various types of editing. I must admit I didn’t know there were so many! This will undoubtedly help writers confidently approach the hiring process by understanding exactly what kind of editing they need and how to determine an editor’s skill." Robert Allen

"Brigid has become the mid-wife to new female authors and stands alongside supporting, encouraging and guiding women who are bravely sharing their stories, most for the very first time. Aptly named "The Book Mumma", she has become a pro at what she does, and does so with empathy and grace." Karen Breen Welton

"In her Chapter “The Art of Being Seen”, entrepreneur and publisher Bridget Sicsko brilliantly explores the tangibles and intangibles of being seen as an emerging author and brand figure. Her multi-faceted approach to author visibility all but guarantees promising new authors can have their stories heard in difficult – often overcrowded – markets." James Holle

“Erin’s chapter, "How Book Coaching Helps You Write Your Best Book" highlights the benefits of working with a book coach to guide you through the writing process. After reading this chapter, you will have a better understanding of the flow of your book and be ready to hire her as your book coach.” –Beth Aust, life coach

"Very informative and insightful into the world of writing a piece of work. Lots of useful information to understand, digest and take on board for my own writing journey." Lisa